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USIS abbreviation of "United States Information Service."
USMC abbreviation of "United States Marine Corps."
USN abbreviation of "United States Navy."
USO abbreviation of "United Service Organizations."
U.S. Open a major annual tennis tournament held in the U.S. in late summer, open to all contestants, amateur and professional.
USS abbreviation of "United States Ship."
U.S.S.R. abbreviation of "Union of Soviet Socialist Republics," formerly, a country, comprising fifteen constituent republics, in eastern Europe and northern Asia; Soviet Union.
ustulate blackened, as if scorched or burnt on the surface.
usu. abbreviation of "usually," in most instances; customarily.
usual encountered, experienced, used, or happening in most instances; customary. [3 definitions]
usually ordinarily or most often; generally; typically.
usufruct in civil law, the right to use or gain the benefits of another's property, provided that one does not damage, waste, or otherwise alter it.
usurer a person who lends money at excessive or illegal rates of interest.
usurious engaged in lending money at excessive or illegal rates of interest. [2 definitions]
usurp to take and hold (a right, position, office, or the like) illegally, wrongfully, or by force. [3 definitions]
usurpation the unlawful or violent seizure of royal power. [2 definitions]
usury the act or practice of lending money at excessive or illegal interest rates. [2 definitions]
UT abbreviation of "Utah," a western U.S. state between Nevada and Colorado.
Utah a western U.S. state between Nevada and Colorado. (abbr.: UT)
Ute one of an American Indian people now mainly residing in Utah and Colorado. [2 definitions]
utensil a device, instrument, or container, esp. one used in a kitchen.