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valse (French) waltz.
valuable having great material or monetary worth; expensive. [3 definitions]
valuate to determine or set the value of; appraise.
valuation the act or process of estimating, determining, or setting the value of something; appraisal. [2 definitions]
value an amount, esp. of money, considered to be equivalent to, or suitable exchange for, a thing or service. [8 definitions]
value-added tax a sales tax paid on the value added to products and services at each stage of manufacturing and distribution.
valued highly esteemed. [2 definitions]
value judgment an estimate, usu. subjective, of the worth of a person, object, event, or the like, esp. when such an estimate is not called for.
valueless of no value; worthless; useless.
valvate having a valve, valves, or valvelike parts. [2 definitions]
valve any device for controlling the flow of a fluid or gas, esp. a movable part that can close or constrict a passageway, such as a stopcock. [5 definitions]
valveless combined form of valve.
valve trombone a trombone that has three or four valves instead of a slide.
valvular having, functioning like, or resembling a valve. [2 definitions]
vamp1 in a shoe, the upper portion covering the instep and often the toes. [7 definitions]
vamp2 a woman who is considered to be one that seduces men, esp. in order to exploit them. [2 definitions]
vampire a legendary being, often said to be a revived corpse, that preys on people in order to suck out their blood. [3 definitions]
vampire bat any of various Central and South American bats that feed on the blood of vertebrates, esp. of stock animals. [2 definitions]
vampirism belief in vampires. [2 definitions]
van1 the foremost part or division of a movement or force, esp. a military force; forefront; vanguard.
van2 a vehicle similar to a car but with a higher ceiling and with greater capacity behind the front seats for goods, equipment, or people. A van usually has a sliding door on one side and may or may not have windows in the rear.