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variety show a show on television, in a nightclub, or in a theater that is composed of different kinds of acts such as songs, dances, and comic skits.
variety store a retail store that sells a wide variety of items, esp. small and inexpensive ones.
variform varied in form; having a variety of forms.
variola smallpox.
variometer any of various devices that measure or record variations in some quantity, such as a geophysical instrument that measures variations in the earth's magnetic force. [2 definitions]
variorum containing commentary or notes from several different scholars or editors. [3 definitions]
various of many different kinds; diverse. [2 definitions]
varistor a semiconductor resistor, the resistance of which varies according to the voltage applied.
varix a blood or lymph vessel that is swollen or dilated; varicose vein.
varmint (informal) a usu. predatory animal or bird that is considered a nuisance or pest.
varnish a liquid of resinous material that is brushed on wood or the like to make a hard, shiny, protective coating. [5 definitions]
varoom variant of vroom.
varsity the primary team that competes in a sport or other extramural contest on behalf of a school, college, or the like. [2 definitions]
vary to change; alter; modify. [4 definitions]
vas an anatomical or biological vessel or duct.
Vasco da Gama a Portuguese explorer who established the first all-water trade route between Europe and India (b.1460?--d.1524).
Vasco Nez de Balboa a Spanish explorer and the first European discoverer of the Pacific Ocean (b.1475?--d.1519?).
vascular composed of, containing, or having to do with tubes or ducts that carry a fluid, such as blood or lymph in animals or sap in plants, or with a system of such tubes or ducts.
vascular bundle in botany, an aggregate plant unit composed of strands of conductive and supportive tissue.
vasculitis inflammation of a blood or lymph vessel.
vas deferens the duct that carries sperm from the testicle to the ejaculatory duct of the penis.