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velamen a covering of fine membrane; velum.
velar of or relating to a thin membrane, esp. the soft palate. [3 definitions]
Velcro trademark for a fastening device consisting of a strip of nylon tape with tiny hooklike loops that attach to a strip with a matted surface, used esp. on clothing and cloth furnishings.
veld an open, grassy stretch of land with only occasional trees or shrubs, esp. as found in southern Africa.
velleity volition or willing in its weakest form. [2 definitions]
vellum a fine-grained calfskin, lambskin, or kidskin that has been treated to serve as book pages or covers. [4 definitions]
velocipede any of several early bicycles or tricycles. [2 definitions]
velociraptor a carnivorous, bipedal dinosaur of the genus Velociraptor, having feathers, a long tail, and a sickle-shaped claw on each hind foot.
velocity speed. [2 definitions]
velour a fabric with a soft, fuzzy surface like that of velvet, used esp. for clothing and upholstery. [2 definitions]
velouté a white sauce made with chicken or veal stock, thickened with butter and flour.
velum a thin, veillike membrane or membranous covering or partition, esp. the soft palate.
velure velvet or a material like velvet; velour. [2 definitions]
velvet a fine fabric made from silk, rayon, or the like, with a soft, fuzzy pile on one side. [5 definitions]
velvet ant any of various antlike wasps that are covered with brightly colored, dense hairs.
velveteen a cotton fabric that resembles velvet.
Velvet Revolution the Czechoslovakian revolution (1989), in which a country-wide peace protest and work strike moved the Communist government to relinquish power, resulting in the establishment of two separate, self-governing republics (1993).
vena cava either of two large veins that carry blood to the right atrium of the heart.
venal capable of acting dishonestly or wrongly in return for money or the like; open to accepting bribes; corrupt. [3 definitions]
venation a system of veins or its arrangement.
vend to sell or offer for sale, either in person or through vending machines. [3 definitions]