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vibratile of, pertaining to, or characterized by vibration. [3 definitions]
vibration an act or instance of vibrating. [4 definitions]
vibrationless combined form of vibration.
vibrato a vibrating or pulsating effect produced with the voice or on a musical instrument by slight and rapid changes in pitch.
vibratoless combined form of vibrato.
vibrator someone or something that vibrates or causes vibration. [3 definitions]
vibratory of, pertaining to, or causing vibration. [2 definitions]
viburnum any of various shrubs or trees related to honeysuckle, such as the cranberry bush or snowball, that usu. have clusters of small white flowers and red or black berrylike fruit.
vicar in the Anglican Church, a parish priest who receives a salary but not the tithes of the parish, or who acts in place of a rector. [3 definitions]
vicarage a vicar's residence. [2 definitions]
vicar apostolic in the Roman Catholic Church, a titular bishop who serves in a district without a hierarchy or see.
vicar-general an administrative aide to a bishop or other ecclesiastical officer in a church. [2 definitions]
vicarious experienced through imagined participation in someone else's actions, sufferings, or the like. [4 definitions]
vice1 an immoral or evil act; wickedness. [5 definitions]
vice2 variant of "vise," a tool used to grip objects by means of two jawlike parts that are usu. moved together or apart by a screw or lever.
vice- acting in place of; deputy.
vice-admiral a U.S. naval officer ranking between admiral and rear admiral.
vice chairman a man who serves as an assistant or deputy chairman.
vice chairwoman a woman who serves as an assistant or deputy chairperson.
vice consul an officer who is subordinate to and sometimes substitutes for a consul.
vicegerent a person appointed, usu. by a ruler, to exercise the ruler's power and authority; deputy. [2 definitions]