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Virginia a southern U.S. state on the Atlantic coast between Maryland and North Carolina. (abbr.: VA)
Virginia cowslip a woodland perennial of eastern North America bearing clusters of blue or purple bell-shaped flowers; Virginia bluebell.
Virginia creeper a climbing vine of eastern North America that has palmately compound leaves and bears green flower clusters and bluish black, inedible berries; woodbine.
Virginia deer the white-tailed deer.
Virginia reel an American country dance in which couples face each other in two parallel lines and then perform various steps and maneuvers together. [2 definitions]
Virginia Woolf English novelist and essayist, noted for her use of modernist techniques such as stream of consciousness and interior monologue; born Virginia Stephens (b.1882--d.1941).
Virgin Islands a group of islands in the West Indies east of Puerto Rico, comprising a territory of the United States and a colony of Great Britain.
virginity the state of being a virgin. [2 definitions]
Virgin Mary see "Mary."
virgin's-bower any of several climbing varieties of clematis, esp. one found in eastern North America that bears clusters of small white flowers.
virgin wool wool that has not been spun, woven, or otherwise processed.
Virgo a spring zodiacal constellation located between Leo and Libra and containing the bright star Spica; Virgin. [3 definitions]
virgule a mark (/) used between two words to indicate that either may be applied; slash; solidus. [2 definitions]
viridescent green, turning green, or having a greenish tinge.
viridity greenness; verdancy. [2 definitions]
virile having the qualities of a man; characteristically masculine. [3 definitions]
virology the scientific study of viruses and of the diseases they cause.
virtu an appreciation for or knowledge of fine objects of art, antiques, or the like. [2 definitions]
virtual not actually being true or real, but closely approximating the truth or reality and having the same effect as if true or real. [3 definitions]
virtually practically; almost completely; very nearly.
virtual reality computer-generated images and sounds that simulate a real environment.