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viscose a viscous solution of treated cellulose used in making such products as rayon and cellophane. [4 definitions]
viscosity the state or property of being adhesive and gluey. [2 definitions]
viscount a nobleman that ranks just beneath an earl or count and above a baron.
viscountess the wife or widow of a viscount. [2 definitions]
viscous having an adhesive, gluey consistency that resists flow.
viscus sing. of viscera.
visť a visa. [2 definitions]
vise any of a variety of tools used to grip objects by means of two jawlike parts that are usu. moved by a screw or lever. [2 definitions]
Vishnu the second member of the Hindu trinity, known as "The Preserver" and believed to have been incarnated in Krishna.
visibility the state or fact of being visible. [2 definitions]
visible able to be seen; perceptible through sight. [2 definitions]
Visigoth a member of the western division of the Goths, who invaded the Roman Empire in the fourth century and established a kingdom in France and Spain. (Cf. Ostrogoth.)
vision the ability to perceive through sight. [6 definitions]
visionary characterized by whimsical notions or impractical plans. [7 definitions]
visionless combined form of vision.
visit to go or come to see (someone or some place). [9 definitions]
visitable combined form of visit.
visitant one who makes a visit. [3 definitions]
visitation the act of visiting. [5 definitions]
visiting fireman (informal) an important or influential person who is given a special welcome and entertained lavishly when visiting a city, organization, or the like. [2 definitions]
visitor one who makes a visit.