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wagonette a light carriage or wagon having a crosswise seat in front for the driver and two lengthwise seats in back that face each other.
wagon-lit bed car (French); in European trains, a sleeping car.
wagonload the load that a wagon holds or can hold.
wagon train a convoy or line of wagons, used esp. in the old American West for transporting such things as military supplies or pioneers.
wagtail any of various small European birds with long tails that wag up and down continuously. [2 definitions]
Wahhabi a member of a Muslim sect, founded in the eighteenth century and now found mainly in Saudi Arabia, that believes in strict adherence to the Koran.
wahine a Polynesian or Hawaiian woman or girl.
wahoo1 a cork elm of the southeastern United States. [2 definitions]
wahoo2 any of various shrubs or small trees of eastern North America that bear purple flowers and red fruits.
wahoo3 a large swift game fish found in tropical seas.
wah-wah an instrumental effect produced by closing and opening the bell of a horn with the hand or a hand-held mute. [2 definitions]
waif a homeless or friendless person, esp. an orphaned or abandoned child. [2 definitions]
wail to make a protracted, high-pitched cry out of grief or pain. [7 definitions]
wailful making wails; crying. [2 definitions]
wain a cart or wagon used on a farm.
wainscot a paneling or lining, often of wood, covering an interior wall, esp. only the lower part of a wall. [3 definitions]
wainscoting a wainscot or wainscots collectively. [2 definitions]
wainwright one who makes or repairs wagons.
waist the part of the human body between the chest and hips. [4 definitions]
waistband a band that fits around the waist, esp. as part of trousers, a skirt, or the like.
waistcoat a close-fitting, sleeveless, waist-length garment for women, usu. worn under a suit jacket. [3 definitions]