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walkabout a brief return to nomadic life periodically undertaken by an Australian aborigine as a respite from work. [2 definitions]
walk a tightrope to keep a difficult balance or middle position between opposed people, choices, or the like.
walkaway an easily won victory or contest.
walk away with to win or obtain unexpectedly or easily.
walker a person who walks, esp. regularly or with enjoyment. [2 definitions]
walkie-talkie a small, battery-powered radio set that transmits and receives, readily carried by one person.
walk-in large enough to be walked into. [6 definitions]
walking the act or movement of someone or something that walks. [5 definitions]
walking papers (informal) notice of dismissal or termination, esp. from a job.
walking stick a stick, cane, or staff used for support, balance, or the like when walking. [2 definitions]
Walkman trademark for a pocket-sized stereo cassette tape player used with headphones, usu. by a single individual. [2 definitions]
walk off with to win or obtain unexpectedly or easily. [2 definitions]
walk of life occupation or social status.
walk-on a small role in a theatrical, film, or television production, requiring very little or no speaking. [2 definitions]
walk on air to be extremely happy.
walkout a workers' strike. [2 definitions]
walk out to leave suddenly, esp. as an indication of anger or protest. [4 definitions]
walkover an unopposed or effortless victory in a sports event, election, or other contest. [2 definitions]
walk-through a preliminary or first rehearsal of a play, show, or the like, in which the actors first rehearse their movements on stage.
walkup an apartment or office located above the ground floor in a building with no elevator. [2 definitions]
walkway a path or passage designed for use by pedestrians.