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war-horse formerly, a horse used in battle. [3 definitions]
warily in a cautious or watchful manner.
wariness the condition or quality of being cautious and watchful.
warless combined form of war.
warlike hostile; aggressive. [3 definitions]
warlock a man who practices witchcraft or magic arts; sorcerer.
warlord a military leader who governs or has great influence in an area or country that is warlike or at war.
warm having or emitting moderate heat. [14 definitions]
warm-blooded designating animals whose body temperature remains relatively constant and warm, independent of the surrounding temperature. [2 definitions]
warmed-over of cooked foods, heated and served again. [2 definitions]
warm front the advancing edge of a mass of warm air that rises over colder air, usu. causing steady precipitation.
warm-hearted having or showing sympathy, compassion, kindness, or generosity.
warming pan a long-handled pan, usu. of brass, made to be filled with coals or hot water, covered, and passed between the sheets of a bed to warm them.
warmonger a person who advocates, or encourages the start of, war.
warmth the quality or condition of being warm; warmness. [5 definitions]
warm-up a set of preliminary exercises to prepare a person or animal for a physically demanding workout, performance, or contest. [4 definitions]
warm up to prepare for physical exercise or other activity by practicing just beforehand.
warn to alert to possible harm, trouble, or danger; caution. [6 definitions]
warning the words, sound, or act of a person or thing that warns. [4 definitions]
War of 1812 the war between the United States and Great Britain from 1812 to 1815.
War of American Independence see "American Revolution."