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War of American Independence see "American Revolution."
war of nerves a conflict consisting primarily of psychological techniques, as of confusion or intimidation, rather than overt military or physical action.
warp to bend or twist out of shape, esp. from a flat or straight form. [10 definitions]
war paint pigments applied to the face and body by warriors, as those of some American Indian tribes, before a battle.
warpath among Native Americans, a condition of preparing for, traveling in search of, or engaging in war or warlike actions (prec. by on "the").
warp knit a fabric or garment knitted by machine in such a manner that runs do not occur in it.
warplane an aircraft used or designed for combat.
warrant in law, a judicial order or writ giving an officer of the law the right to make searches, seize property, make arrests, or execute judgments. [9 definitions]
warrantable combined form of warrant.
warrantee one to whom a warrant has been made or given.
warrantless combined form of warrant.
warrant officer an officer in the U.S. armed forces that ranks above noncommissioned officers and below commissioned officers and holds office on a warrant instead of a commission.
warrantor one who gives or makes a warranty.
warranty a document given to the buyer of an article in which the maker agrees, within a limited period of time, to repair or replace the article if it is defective. [3 definitions]
warren a network of many rabbit burrows. [2 definitions]
warrior a person who fights or has experience in battle; soldier. [2 definitions]
Warsaw the capital of Poland.
warship a ship equipped or built for combat.
Wars of the Roses the civil war waged in England between the houses of York and Lancaster from 1455 to 1485, ending with their union and the accession of Henry VII.
wart a small round, usu. hard raised growth on the skin, often of the hands or feet, that is caused by a virus. [3 definitions]
wart hog a wild African hog that has large tusks and many wartlike growths on the face.