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wasp waist an extremely slender waist, esp. one resulting from tight corseting.
waspy of or like a wasp.
wassail a toast or salutation, once spoken when offering a drink to someone or drinking to someone's health. [4 definitions]
Wassermann test a diagnostic test for syphilis that detects the presence of syphilitic antibodies in the blood serum.
wastage loss through wear, deterioration, destruction, erosion, or the like. [2 definitions]
waste to use, consume, or spend carelessly or for little or no return; squander. [18 definitions]
wastebasket an open container for holding trash, used inside a home or other building.
wasted used unwisely, inefficiently, or without obtaining the desired result. [3 definitions]
wasteful marked by or given to waste or extravagance.
wasteland land that is barren or unsuitable for vegetation. [2 definitions]
waste one's breath to speak for no reason.
wastepaper discarded paper.
wastepaper basket (chiefly British) a small, open container for holding discarded items; wastebasket.
waste pipe a pipe that carries away drainage, waste water, excess steam, or the like.
waste-to-energy the process of producing heat or electricity from waste. [2 definitions]
wastewater water that has been used for some purpose by humans, such as in industry or for sanitation, and contains any of various types of contaminants.
wasting making gradually weaker, thinner, or less energetic. [2 definitions]
wastrel someone who is wasteful, esp. with money. [2 definitions]
watch to use one's eyes to observe (something) with uninterrupted attention. [10 definitions]
watchable combined form of watch.
watchband a band or strap of leather, cloth, or flexible metal links, designed to hold a wristwatch on the wrist.