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watchband a band or strap of leather, cloth, or flexible metal links, designed to hold a wristwatch on the wrist.
watchcase the metal or plastic covering of a watch's mechanism.
watchdog a dog trained to guard property against intruders. [2 definitions]
watcher a person who watches, esp. one who keeps vigil.
watch fire a nocturnal fire used as a signal or for providing heat and light to guards.
watchful closely or attentively observant; alert; vigilant.
watch it to be wary or careful.
watchmaker someone who makes or fixes watches.
watchman a man who keeps watch over or guards something, such as a building, esp. at night.
watch night New Year's Eve, or a religious meeting or service held at this time.
watch oneself to proceed with care. [2 definitions]
watch one's p's and q's to be careful in one's behavior, esp. not to give offense.
watch out to be alert and careful with respect to some danger (often fol. by "for" or a clause beginning with "that"). [2 definitions]
watch pocket a small pocket, as in a vest or trousers, for carrying a watch.
watchtower a tower from which someone may keep watch or observe.
watchword a secret word or phrase; password. [2 definitions]
water a transparent, tasteless, and odorless liquid that takes the form of rain, rivers, oceans, and lakes and is required to sustain most forms of life. [14 definitions]
water bed a bed whose mattress is a bag made of vinyl or other waterproof material filled with water.
water beetle any of various aquatic beetles, characterized by a smooth oval body and flattened or fringed hind legs adapted for swimming.
water bird any of numerous swimming or wading birds.
water biscuit a cracker made of water and flour, to which shortening is sometimes added.