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waxworks (used with a sing. or pl. verb) a museum displaying life-size wax figures, or such a display itself.
waxy made of, covered with, or having an abundance of wax. [2 definitions]
way a road or path leading from one place to another. [12 definitions]
waybill a document that accompanies the goods it lists and that includes shipping instructions.
wayfarer one who travels, esp. on foot.
wayfaring traveling or journeying, esp. on foot.
waylay to attack or accost unexpectedly after lying in wait for. [2 definitions]
wayless combined form of way.
way-out (informal) very unusual or extreme; unconventional; nonconformist.
way out (chiefly British) a route, passage, or door out of a building or other location; exit.
-ways in (such) a way, direction, or manner.
ways and means methods and legislation by which to increase the financial resources available, esp. to a government for distribution. [2 definitions]
wayside land that runs alongside a road. [2 definitions]
way station a minor station on a railroad line, located between more important stations, at which a train stops only when signaled.
wayward difficult to control; willfully disobedient. [3 definitions]
wayworn tired from traveling; travel-weary.
w.c. abbreviation of "water closet," a flush toilet, or a room or booth containing a toilet and often a washbowl.
we used in reference to the speaker and one or more others. [4 definitions]
weak lacking in bodily strength, power, or vigor. [7 definitions]
weaken to make weak or weaker; to cause to lose strength. [2 definitions]
weakfish any of several edible marine fishes that are related to the drumfishes and are found along the eastern coast of North America.