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wearisome causing fatigue; tiring. [2 definitions]
wear off to diminish or disappear gradually.
wear out to make useless through prolonged use. [3 definitions]
wearproof resistant to the damage or deterioration caused by normal use.
wear the pants to have the greatest authority or play the dominant role, as in a family.
weary physically or mentally tired, esp. from exertion or strain; fatigued. [6 definitions]
weasel any of various carnivorous, slender-bodied mammals, related to minks and polecats, with brownish fur, short legs, and a long bushy tail. [4 definitions]
weasel words statements that are intentionally misleading, ambiguous, evasive, or indirect.
weather the state of the atmosphere at a particular place and time as characterized by sunshine, moisture, temperature, precipitation, and other variables. [7 definitions]
weather-beaten worn, damaged, or marked by exposure to the weather.
weatherboard a long narrow board used to cover the outer walls of a frame house in such away that each board partly overlaps the one below it and thereby sheds water from the house; clapboard. [3 definitions]
weather-bound detained or stopped by bad weather.
Weather Bureau a former bureau within the U.S. Department of Commerce that was responsible forgathering meteorological data. (See National Weather Service.)
weathercock a weather vane, esp. one shaped like a rooster.
weathered seasoned, stained, softened, or creased by, or as if by, the weather. [2 definitions]
weather eye alertness to signs of change in the weather. [2 definitions]
weathering the physical and chemical effects of weather on rock surfaces.
weatherize to improve (a building) by adding insulation, weatherstripping, or the like, in preparation for cold weather.
weatherman a man who forecasts weather or reports it on radio or television.
weather map a chart or map showing weather conditions over a specific geographic area at a specific time.
weatherproof able to resist damage from exposure to any kind of weather. [2 definitions]