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weirdo (slang) an abnormal or odd person.
Welch variant of Welsh.
welcome used to express warm or hospitable greetings to one recently arrived. [9 definitions]
welcome mat a doormat.
weld to fuse metal or plastic by the application of heat, followed either by pressure or by addition of a molten filler material. [5 definitions]
weldable combined form of weld.
welding torch a tool that uses heat to join two metal things together.
welfare the health and happiness of a person or group, or the degree of such. well-being. [2 definitions]
welfare state a social system in which the state assumes the responsibility for the welfare of its citizens in housing, medical care, employment, and the like.
welfare work the organized efforts of a community, agency, or organization to improve the living conditions and job opportunities of its needy citizens.
welkin in literature, the sky or skies; arch of heaven.
well1 in a good, proper, or satisfactory way. [16 definitions]
well2 a deep hole dug in the ground for obtaining water, oil, gas, or other natural resources. [7 definitions]
we'll contracted form of "we will."
well-adjusted without serious emotional or psychological problems, esp. when such problems might be expected due to difficult circumstances.
well-advised acting with or showing careful consideration; wise; prudent.
well-appointed fully and suitably furnished or equipped.
well-balanced properly maintained or regulated; evenly proportioned, as a diet. [2 definitions]
well-behaved showing good manners; behaving well.
well-being the condition of being healthy, happy, and comfortable; welfare.
well-beloved greatly loved. [3 definitions]