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westerner (often cap.) a native or inhabitant of the West or of a western area or region.
Western Hemisphere the half of the earth that includes North, Central, and South America.
westernize to spread western customs, ideas, or values to.
westernmost farthest west.
Western omelet an omelet made with diced green peppers, onions, and ham.
Western Roman Empire one of two divisions of the Roman Empire, comprising most of Europe and part of North Africa, that existed from 395 until 476 A.D. (Cf. Eastern Roman Empire.)
Western saddle a heavy saddle, similar to that used by cowboys, that has a deep seat, a high cantle and pommel, and a horn projecting above the pommel.
Western Sahara a region of northwest Africa lying on the Atlantic coast and bordering Morocco, Algeria, and Mauritania.
Western Samoa an island country in the South Pacific, comprising several islands northeast of Fiji. (Cf. American Samoa, Samoa.)
West Germany from 1949 to 1990, a central European country, also known as the Federal Republic of Germany, located between France and East Germany, now part of reunited Germany.
West Indies a large group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean between North and South America, including the Antilles and the Bahamas.
west-northwest a point on the compass halfway between west and northwest. [2 definitions]
West Point the oldest military post in the U.S. and the seat of the U.S. Military Academy, located north of New York City on the western bank of the Hudson River.
west-southwest a point on the compass halfway between west and southwest. [2 definitions]
West Virginia an eastern U.S. state northwest of Virginia. (abbr.: WV)
westward toward the west. [3 definitions]
westwardly toward the west. [2 definitions]
wet soaked, moistened, or covered with water or another liquid. [11 definitions]
wetback (offensive slang) a Mexican worker who enters the United States illegally.
wet bar a small bar or serving counter equipped with running water.
wet behind the ears (informal) naive; inexperienced.