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wet behind the ears (informal) naive; inexperienced.
wet blanket a person who lessens the enthusiasm of others or has a discouraging or depressing effect on others.
wet cell a voltaic cell in which the electrolyte is in liquid form.
wet dream an erotic dream leading to orgasm, involving for men the involuntary ejaculation of semen during sleep.
wet fly an artificial fishing fly designed to drift below the surface of the water.
wether a castrated ram.
wetland (often pl.) low-lying land saturated with moisture, such as a marsh or swamp.
wet nurse a woman who suckles another's baby.
wet-nurse to suckle (another's baby). [2 definitions]
wet one's whistle (informal) to take a drink, esp. of an alcoholic beverage.
wet suit a tightfitting one-piece rubber suit worn by skin divers for warmth.
wetu in Wampanoag language and culture, a house, traditionally a domed hut made from bent saplings covered with woven grass or bark.
we've contracted form of "we have."
whack to strike or smack with a sharp, resounding blow. [5 definitions]
whacking (informal) extremely large; huge; tremendous. [2 definitions]
whale1 any of the largest of marine mammals, with a body shaped like a dolphin or porpoise, flippers in place of forelimbs, and a flat, triangular tail. [2 definitions]
whale2 (informal) to beat soundly; thrash.
whaleback a steamship in which the bow and upper deck are rounded in order to shed the water of heavy seas.
whaleboat a long narrow rowboat with pointed ends that is esp. maneuverable in rough seas, once used in hunting whales and now used for rescue work.
whalebone a durable, horny, elastic substance that grows in plates or strips in the upper jaw of certain whales, serving to filter plankton from water passing through the whale's mouth. [2 definitions]
whalebone whale any of various whales, such as the right whales and the rorqual, having toothless jaws and whalebone on the sides of the upper jaw. (Cf. toothed whale.)