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what's contracted form of "what is," or contracted form of "what has." [2 definitions]
whatsoever whatever.
What's up? used as an informal greeting or to inquire what is happening (sometimes fol. by "with").
what've (informal) contracted form of "what have."
wheal a weal.
wheat the edible grain of certain cereal grasses, used in the making of flour and flour products. [2 definitions]
wheat cake a pancake made from wheat flour.
wheatear a small, long-legged, brownish thrush with a white rump and black tail.
wheaten of, pertaining to, or made of wheat or wheat flour. [2 definitions]
wheat germ the nutritious, vitamin-rich embryo of the wheat kernel, separated before milling and used as a food supplement.
whee used to express joy, excitement, enthusiasm, or the like.
wheedle to try to persuade or influence by coaxing or flattery; cajole. [3 definitions]
wheel a disk or circular frame that revolves on an axle, as on a vehicle. [12 definitions]
wheel and axle a machine consisting of a cylindrical drum to which a wheel concentric with and larger than the drum is fastened, so that as an attached rope unwinds from the wheel, another rope is wound onto the drum, exerting an increased force.
wheelbarrow a small handcart with one or two wheels mounted in front, two legs at the rear, and horizontal shafts for handles, used esp. by gardeners to transport rocks, soil, leaves, and the like.
wheelbase the distance from the center of the front axle to the center of the rear axle of a motor vehicle.
wheelchair a chair mounted on wheels and propelled manually or electrically, used by those who cannot walk.
wheeled having or using wheels.
wheeler one that wheels. [3 definitions]
wheeler-dealer (informal) one who aggressively, inventively, and sometimes dishonestly pursues profit or advantage; sharp operator.
wheel horse the horse harnessed closest to the front wheel of a vehicle. [2 definitions]