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wherefrom from which; from where.
wherein in what; in which. [2 definitions]
where'll (informal) contracted form of "where will."
whereof of what, which, or whom.
whereon on which or what.
where're (informal) contracted form of "where are."
wheresoever in, to, at, or from whatever place; wherever.
whereto to what place or goal. [2 definitions]
whereupon after which; as a consequence. [2 definitions]
where've (informal) contracted form of "where have."
wherever in, at, or toward whatever place, situation, or circumstance. [2 definitions]
wherewith esp. in literature, with or by means of which.
wherewithal the necessary means or resources, esp. funds, for some purpose.
wherry a light mobile rowboat for one person, often used in races; skiff. [2 definitions]
whet to sharpen the cutting edge of (a knife or tool); hone. [5 definitions]
whether used to introduce one choice or alternative. [2 definitions]
whetstone a stone that is used to sharpen knives, tools, and the like.
whetted sharpened.
whew used to express astonishment, relief, disgust, or the like.
whey the watery part of milk remaining when the curds are separated out, as to make cheese.
wheyface a pale or pallid face. [2 definitions]