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whimsy an odd, fanciful, or capricious notion, or such notions collectively. [2 definitions]
whim-whams (informal) nervous doubts or feelings; jitters (usu. prec. by "the").
whin any of several hard igneous rocks; whinstone.
whinchat a small brownish European thrush, found in open meadows.
whine to utter a prolonged high plaintive cry, as in pain, complaint, or fear. [6 definitions]
whinny to utter the sound of a horse, esp. softly; neigh. [3 definitions]
whiny given to whining or complaining. [2 definitions]
whip to strike or beat with quick, repeated strokes with a long slender strap, rod, or the like; lash. [13 definitions]
whipcord a worsted fabric with deep diagonal ribbing. [2 definitions]
whip hand the hand in which the driver of a coach or the like holds the whip. [2 definitions]
whiplash the long, thin, flexible part of a whip; lash. [2 definitions]
whipped cream a rich sweet cream, made stiff by beating and used as a topping or filling for desserts.
whippersnapper an insignificant but annoyingly presumptuous person, esp. an impudent youth.
whippet a small, swift, short-haired dog that resembles a greyhound and is used in hunting and racing.
whipping a flogging or beating, esp. as punishment. [3 definitions]
whipping boy a person made to take the blame for another's misdeeds; scapegoat. [2 definitions]
whipping cream a sweet cream that contains a high percentage of butterfat and can be made stiff by whipping.
whipping post formerly, a post to which an offender was tied to be whipped.
whippletree a whiffletree.
whippoorwill a nocturnal, insect-eating bird of eastern North America that has gray, black, white, and tawny plumage and is named for the sound of its call.
whipsaw a narrow crosscut saw that is used by two people, one on either end. [3 definitions]