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Wimbledon a grand slam tournament in professional tennis, also known as the Wimbledon Tennis Championship. [2 definitions]
wimp (informal) a timid, ineffectual person.
wimple a woman's head covering of cloth that frames the face and is drawn in folds about the neck and chin, worn in medieval times and, at present, by some nuns.
wimp out to be timid or ineffectual in a particular instance.
win to be victorious in a competition. [9 definitions]
wince to shrink suddenly back or away, as from pain or distress; flinch. [2 definitions]
winch a mechanical device, powered by motor or hand, that pulls or lifts objects by a rope or cable wound around its revolving drum. [3 definitions]
wind1 air as it moves naturally, esp. over the surface of the earth. [14 definitions]
wind2 to follow a course that turns repeatedly. [11 definitions]
windage the influence, or amount of influence, of wind on the course of a projectile, or an adjustment in aiming to counteract this influence. [3 definitions]
windbag one who talks lengthily or pretentiously.
windblown blown or scattered by the wind. [2 definitions]
wind-borne carried by the wind, as seeds.
windbreak a hedge, fence, row of trees, or the like that serves as a shelter from the wind.
Windbreaker trademark for a lightweight outdoor jacket usu. having elastic at the waist and cuffs. [2 definitions]
windburn irritation of the skin caused by overexposure to wind.
windchill factor the temperature felt by the body that represents a combination of the temperature of the air and the velocity of the wind.
wind chimes a cluster of small pendants of metal, glass, or the like, hung so that they strike against one another and tinkle or chime when the wind blows them.
wind cone a windsock.
wind down to decrease in intensity. [2 definitions]
winded having breath, usu. of a specified kind. [2 definitions]