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windflaw a sudden gust of wind.
windflower any of the various flowers of the anemone family, or the plant that bears it.
winding the act of someone or something that winds. [6 definitions]
winding sheet a cloth in which a corpse is wrapped for burial; shroud.
wind instrument a musical instrument, such as the flute, trumpet, or clarinet, that is sounded by the force of air blown into it.
windjammer a large sailing ship. [2 definitions]
windlass a machine, powered by motor or hand, that pulls or lifts by a cable or rope wound around its horizontal, revolving axle or drum; winch. [2 definitions]
windless lacking wind or a breeze. [2 definitions]
windmill a machine that mills, pumps water, or the like by using the energy from a wheel that is mounted at the top of a tower and turned by the wind. [2 definitions]
window an opening, esp. in a wall, allowing air and light to enter and providing a view out from within an enclosed space. [4 definitions]
window box a box on or near a window ledge, for growing plants. [2 definitions]
window dressing the arrangement of merchandise in a store window so as to display it attractively, or the work of one who sets up such displays. [2 definitions]
window envelope an envelope that has a transparent panel, through which the address on the enclosure may be seen.
windowless combined form of window.
windowpane a sheet of glass that fills a frame in a window.
window seat a seat built beneath the sill of a window. [2 definitions]
window shade a shade or blind for a window, made of heavy cloth or paper and usu. mounted on a spring roller.
window-shop to pass time by looking at merchandise displayed in store windows, usu. without any intention to buy or to buy at that time.
window sill the horizontal projecting ledge at the bottom of a window frame.
windpipe the air passage between the larynx and the bronchial tubes in air-breathing vertebrates; trachea.
wind power energy, usu. in the form of electricity or mechanical power, produced by the wind's movement of blades on a turbine.