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winterberry any of several North American hollies that bear berries that stay on the branches through the winter.
winterfeed to feed (cattle, sheep, deer, and the like) during winter when pasturage is unavailable. [2 definitions]
wintergreen a low creeping evergreen commonly found in eastern North America that bears white, bell-shaped flowers and edible red berries, and has leaves that yield an aromatic oil. [3 definitions]
winterize to prepare (a house, vehicle, or the like) for winter, as with covering, insulation, or antifreeze.
winterkill to kill or be killed by exposure to very cold weather or drying winds, as plants or crops. [3 definitions]
winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the day, usu. December 21, on which the period from sunrise to sunset is shortest.
winter squash any of several varieties of squash with thick hard rinds that can be stored for long periods.
wintertime the season of winter.
wintry of, pertaining to, or suitable for winter. [2 definitions]
win-win being advantageous to both sides, or having more than one advantageous result. [2 definitions]
winy of, like, or characteristic of wine; heady; intoxicating.
wipe to clean or dry (a surface) by rubbing lightly with a soft cloth, paper, one's hand, or the like. [7 definitions]
wipe off the map to destroy completely.
wipe out to demolish, destroy, or defeat utterly. [2 definitions]
wiper one that wipes. [3 definitions]
wipe up to remove by rubbing.
wire a rod or strand of usu. flexible metal. [14 definitions]
wired equipped with wires. [6 definitions]
wiredraw to draw or stretch (metal) into wire, as through conical holes in a series of steel plates.
wireframe a visual representation of the structural framework of a website that is often used in website development. [2 definitions]
wire fraud a type of criminal act that involves deception for personal gain and that makes use of telecommunications devices or the internet.