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witch doctor in some primitive societies, a person who is believed to be able to use magic or supernatural powers to cure illnesses, fend off evil, and the like; shaman; medicine man.
witchery the art practiced by a witch; sorcery. [2 definitions]
witch hazel any of a family of shrubs and small trees of eastern North America and Asia that bear yellow flowers in autumn. [2 definitions]
witch hunt a hunt for and punishment of those alleged to be witches, warlocks, or disciples of Satan. [3 definitions]
witching the practice of sorcery; witchcraft. [4 definitions]
with in the company of; accompanying. [16 definitions]
with- away. [3 definitions]
with a grain of salt with a somewhat skeptical attitude.
withal besides this; in addition. [2 definitions]
with a lick and a promise (informal) done hurriedly and superficially.
with a vengeance with great force or fury; violently. [2 definitions]
with bated breath with breath suspended or held due to anxiety or suspense.
with child pregnant.
withdraw to take back, out, or away; remove. [4 definitions]
withdrawable combined form of withdraw.
withdrawal the state, act, or process of withdrawing. [2 definitions]
withdrawn past participle of withdraw. [3 definitions]
withdrew past tense of withdraw.
withe a strong pliable twig or stem, esp. of a willow, used as a binding.
wither to dry up, shrivel, or wilt, as from decay or lack of moisture. [5 definitions]
withers on a horse or similar animal, the highest spot on the back, at the base of the neck between the shoulder blades.