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workless combined form of work.
workload the amount of work required or expected, as of a particular employee, student, or the like.
workman a male worker, usu. in manual labor of some kind.
workmanlike done or made with skill and care, as by a good craftsman.
workmanly workmanlike.
workmanship the art or skill of a workman or craftsperson. [3 definitions]
work of art a product of creative effort, esp. in the graphic or plastic arts, such as a painting or sculpture. [2 definitions]
workout a period or program of physical exercise. [2 definitions]
work out to solve (a problem) by making special efforts. [5 definitions]
workplace the place where one works, esp. a factory, office, store, or the like. [2 definitions]
work-release of or denoting a corrections program in which some prisoners are allowed to leave prison for a certain amount of time each day in order to work at an outside job.
workroom a room in which to work.
worksheet a page of written material, usually consisting of questions or exercises, used for help in understanding, learning, or reviewing content that is being studied. Certain types of worksheets help one prepare for carrying out a particular task.
workshop a room or building in which specialized work is done, usu. involving manual or mechanical skills. [2 definitions]
work song a folk song that is sung as an accompaniment to and often to establish the tempo of manual labor such as the laying of railroad ties.
workspace an area used for one's work, esp. in an office or home. [2 definitions]
Works Progress Administration the New Deal program in the U.S. (1935-43) that provided work for the unemployed during the Great Depression (later known as Work Projects Administration).
workstation a work area that is usually designed for one person and is equipped with the necessary tools or materials to perform a particular job. [2 definitions]
work-study of or pertaining to a program, as at a college or university, that provides part-time employment for students as well as enabling them to continue their academic pursuits.
worktable a table devoted, and often adapted, to a specific kind of work.
work-up a thorough medical examination of a patient, including lab tests, case history, and the like. [2 definitions]