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wrapped up in engrossed or absorbed in (an activity, entertainment, or the like).
wrapper that which can be used to wrap; wrapping; wrap. [3 definitions]
wrapping (often pl.) material that is used to wrap something.
wrap-up (informal) a summary, esp. of broadcast news.
wrap up to finish tidily; conclude.
wrasse any of various usu. brightly colored tropical fish with thick lips and strong teeth.
wrath violent or fierce anger, indignation, or resentment. [3 definitions]
wrathful full of, displaying, or prompted by wrath.
wreak to inflict or carry out (punishment, revenge, destruction, or the like). [2 definitions]
wreath a circular band, usu. of flowers or foliage woven or twisted together, used as a symbol or decoration. [2 definitions]
wreathe to make into a wreath; bend, twist, or weave. [6 definitions]
wreck an action or event, such as a collision, that results in great or total destruction. [10 definitions]
wreckage the remains of that which has been wrecked. [2 definitions]
wrecker one who wrecks, engages in wrecking, or causes a wreck. [3 definitions]
wrecking bar a small crowbar with a claw at one end and a point or curve used as a lever at the other.
wren any of several related small songbirds, with relatively long bills, brownish plumage barred with black, and an upright tail. [2 definitions]
wrench to twist suddenly and with force. [13 definitions]
wrest to take, take away, or obtain with or as if with a forcible twist or yank. [3 definitions]
wrestle to engage in the sport of wrestling, or to grapple as if in that sport. [6 definitions]
wrestling an athletic exercise or contest in which two opponents grapple, each in an effort to throw and pin the other to the ground. [2 definitions]
wretch one who is desperately poor, unhappy, or unfortunate. [2 definitions]