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xero- dry.
xerography a copying process in which the original image is reproduced on paper or the like with a resinous powder by the action of light on an electrically charged surface.
xerophilous capable of surviving or flourishing in esp. hot arid regions.
xerophyte a plant that can grow in a very dry or desert environment, and that often has fleshy parts and hairs or thorns, such as an agave or cactus.
Xerox trademark for a particular process of copying printed material by xerography.
X Games a competitive sporting event with winter and summer versions, featuring a variety of extreme sports, held every few years in different cities.
Xhosa a member of one of the Bantu peoples living mainly in Cape Province, South Africa. [2 definitions]
xi the name of the fourteenth letter of the Greek alphabet.
Xing abbreviation of "crossing."
XL abbreviation of "extra large."
Xmas abbreviation of "Christmas."
x-radiation application of or exposure to x-rays, esp. as treatment for disease. [2 definitions]
X-rated of a film, performance, or the like, formerly given, or deserving of, a rating of X because of its explicit sexual activity, obscenity, or violence. (See X.)
x-ray a beam of high-energy photons that is able to ionize gases and pass through dense solids. [4 definitions]
xylem a plant's woody tissue that carries water and mineral salts.
xylene any of three colorless, flammable benzene compounds, or a mixture of these compounds.
xylo- wood.
xylophone a percussion instrument having a series of graduated metal or wooden bars that sound the notes of the chromatic scale when struck with small wooden mallets.
xylose a white crystalline sugar used in diabetic diets and for dyeing and tanning.
-y1 full of; made of; characterized by. [4 definitions]
-y2 condition; quality. [4 definitions]