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yardman a man who works in a yard, esp. a railroad yard or shipyard. [2 definitions]
yardmaster a person who manages a railroad yard.
yard sale a sale of used or unwanted items such as clothes, furniture, or kitchen utensils, often held in the yard of a house.
yardstick a measuring stick three feet long. [2 definitions]
yarmulke a skull cap worn by male Jews, esp. during prayer and other religious activities.
yarn a strand of twisted fibers made from natural or synthetic materials and used esp. for knitting or weaving. [4 definitions]
yarrow any of a variety of plants native to Eurasia that have feathery, fernlike leaves, bear tight clusters of small white, pink, or yellow flowers, and are sometimes used as medicine.
yashmak the veil worn by Muslim women in public.
yataghan a Turkish sword with a double-curved blade and a hilt with a prominent pommel and no guard.
yaw to weave, move unsteadily, turn, or pitch from side to side, esp. on a vertical axis. [4 definitions]
yawl a two-masted sailing ship having a large mainmast on the foredeck and a smaller mizzenmast behind the rudderpost. (Cf. ketch.) [2 definitions]
yawn to open the mouth involuntarily while breathing in deeply, usu. as a sign of tiredness, boredom, or the like. [4 definitions]
yawp (informal) to utter a loud sharp cry; yelp. [2 definitions]
yaws (used with a sing. verb) a tropical disease caused by a spirochete and characterized by the eruption of red, berrylike growths on the skin.
y-axis in a two-dimensional coordinate system, the vertical axis along which the y ordinates are measured. [2 definitions]
yay (informal) used as an expression of celebration in connection with a certain result.
Yb symbol of the chemical element ytterbium.
Y chromosome a sex chromosome that occurs only in males, paired with an X chromosome, and is responsible for male sex characteristics. (Cf. X chromosome.)
yd. abbreviation of "yard," a unit of length equal to three feet or 0.9144 meter.
ye1 an archaic form of "you."
ye2 the. Ye is a misreading of an old spelling of "the" in which the letter for the "th" sound looked like a "y." When stores today put "ye" on their signs, they do so in order to look old-fashioned.