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year a unit of time equal to 365 days or, every fourth year, 366 days, reckoned in the Gregorian calendar from January through December; twelve months. (abbr.: yr.) [5 definitions]
yearbook an annually published book containing information, statistics, and historical data about the previous year. [2 definitions]
yearling any animal more than one but less than two years old. [3 definitions]
yearlong lasting a period of twelve months.
yearly occurring, done, or produced once a year or every year; annual. [4 definitions]
yearn to have a strong desire, craving, or wish for something.
yearning a deep desire, longing, or need.
year-round continuing, existing, or lasting throughout the entire year.
year round during the whole year.
year-to-date from the beginning of the year to this day. Year-to-date, or YTD, is often written on the stub of a check for wages to show how much money a person has earned in a year up to the date of the check.
yeasayer a person who has a confident and positive attitude toward life. [2 definitions]
yeast any of the minute cells or froth of certain fungi used to ferment alcohol, make dough rise, or manufacture certain medicines. [4 definitions]
yeasty of, like, or made with yeast. [4 definitions]
yell to scream out loudly, as in pain, anger, fright, surprise, or enthusiasm. [4 definitions]
yellow the color of an egg yolk or ripe lemon; the color between orange and green on the spectrum. [7 definitions]
yellow-bellied sapsucker a North American sapsucker that has black and white feathers on its back, a redhead, and a yellowish abdomen.
yellowbird any of various birds that are yellow or predominantly yellow, such as the yellow warbler or the goldfinch.
yellowcake a powdery uranium concentrate used esp. in nuclear reactors that is obtained from the milling of uranium.
yellow-dog contract an employment contract, now illegal, in which an employee agrees not to remain in or join a labor union.
yellow fever an infectious, often fatal disease of tropical climates caused by a virus spread by mosquitoes and characterized by jaundice, fever, vomiting, and hemorrhaging.
yellow-fever mosquito a small mosquito that transmits yellow fever and dengue.