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Young Turk (sometimes l.c.) a usu. young person who aggressively seeks reform within an established organization, esp. an insurgent in a political party.
your a possessive form of you; of or belonging to the person or persons being addressed. [2 definitions]
you're contracted form of "you are."
you're welcome used as a reply to someone who thanks you for something.
yours a possessive form of you; that or those belonging to you. [2 definitions]
yourself used to emphasize you. [4 definitions]
yourselves plural of yourself.
yours truly1 words used to end a letter before it is signed; (informal) I, me, or myself.
yours truly2 used as a closing in letters, before the signature. [2 definitions]
youth the quality or state of being young. [5 definitions]
youthful young in actuality or appearance. [2 definitions]
youth hostel an inexpensive, usu. supervised lodging place for young people on bicycle tours, hikes, or the like; hostel.
YouTube a subsidiary of Google that allows users to post and watch videos. [2 definitions]
you've contracted form of "you have."
yowl to give forth a loud, plaintive, or distressed cry or wail. [2 definitions]
yo-yo a hand-held toy made of two thickish, usu. wooden disks connected by a peg around which a string is tied, played by holding the other end of the string and moving the hand so as to cause the disk unit to roll up and down the string, and often to spin at the end of the string. [3 definitions]
Yo-Yo Ma acclaimed U.S. cellist (b. 1955).
yr.1 abbreviation of "year" or "years."
yr.2 abbreviation of "your."
yrs.1 abbreviation of "years."
yrs.2 abbreviation of "yours."