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zip2 to fasten or unfasten by closing or opening a zipper. [2 definitions]
Zip Code trademark for a system using a code of five or more digits to designate every postal delivery area in the United States.
zip drive (trademark) a computer part that saves information on a special disk, called a "zip disk."
zip gun a crude handmade pistol, usu. consisting of a piece of pipe attached to a wooden stock, that fires a .22-caliber bullet.
Ziploc trademark for a type of clear plastic storage bag that is sealed by pressing together special strips along the top edges.
ziplock of or denoting a plastic storage bag sealed by pressing together the top edges, such as those with the trademark Ziploc.
zipper a fastener consisting of two rows of interlocking teeth and a slide pull that either joins or parts them, used esp. on clothing such as jackets or pants. [2 definitions]
zippy (informal) full of life; energetic.
zip up to close the zipper on (something).
zircon a common mineral occurring generally in brown or gray crystals, or sometimes in transparent ones, which are often cut and polished into bluish white gems. The main ore of the metal zirconium.
zirconium a chemical element that has forty protons in each nucleus and that is found principally in zircon, a crystalline silicate compound, but that can be isolated as a solid metal that is used extensively in nuclear reactors because it allows neutrons to pass through without significant resistance. (symbol: Zr)
zit (slang) a pimple.
zither a musical instrument that consists of a flat soundbox across which usu. thirty or forty strings are stretched, played by plucking the strings with the fingertips or a plectrum.
zloty the chief monetary unit of Poland, equaling one hundred groszy.
Zn symbol of the chemical element zinc.
-zoa used in the scientific names of certain zoological groups.
zodiac an imaginary belt in the heavens that includes the apparent paths of the sun, moon, and most planets and is divided into twelve equal signs or parts, each named for a constellation that appears within the belt as seen from the earth. [2 definitions]
zodiacal light a faint band of illumination along the ecliptic, often visible in the west just after sunset or in the east just before sunrise, that is thought to be caused by the reflection of sunlight from a cloud of particles around the sun.
zoetrope a device, predating the movie camera, that produces the illusion of motion when a series of images are viewed through slits in a spinning drum.
-zoic of, relating to, or being a geological era characterized by (such) life. [2 definitions]
zombie a spell or supernatural force that, according to voodoo belief and legend, can enter a corpse, return life to it, and then control its actions. [5 definitions]