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accelerator in nuclear physics, a device that creates high-energy particles by acceleration through electrostatic or electromagnetic means, used for research. [1/3 definitions]
agent a law-enforcement or intelligence officer. [1/5 definitions]
APB a general bulletin or alert sent to many law-enforcement agencies; all-points bulletin.
B-17 a four-engine U.S. bomber extensively used in World War II; Flying Fortress.
butt2 to connect or juxtapose (two things) end-to-end. [1/5 definitions]
catholic all-encompassing or wide-ranging. [1/3 definitions]
cosmic ray high energy radiation, consisting primarily of high-energy protons and alpha particles, that primarily originates from outside the solar system. Upon collision with earth's atmosphere, secondary particles can be produced that sometimes reach the earth's surface.
cosmic rays streams of high-energy charged atomic nuclei or other particles that enter the earth's atmosphere from outer space.
cul-de-sac a passage whose only exit is the entrance, such as a dead-end street. [1/2 definitions]
debit in double-entry bookkeeping, the left-hand side of an accounts ledger, or any entry or sum recorded on the left-hand side. (Cf. credit.) [2/5 definitions]
disintegrate to decay or be transformed, as an atomic nucleus bombarded by high-energy particles. [1/3 definitions]
dune buggy a lightweight car, usu. without doors or windows, that has a rear-engine chassis and oversized tires that make driving over sand dunes easier.
exhaustive thorough and all-encompassing. [1/2 definitions]
gorp a mixture of raisins, nuts, dry cereal, and the like eaten as a high-energy snack; trail mix.
Holodomor a human-engineered famine brought about in Ukraine during the years 1932 and 1933 when Ukraine was under Soviet rule, and, specifically, during the time that Joseph Stalin was in power. Millions of people died of starvation as a result of this famine (often preceded by "the").
journal a ledger used in double-entry bookkeeping for recording accounts. [1/4 definitions]
kaon in physics, a meson that is positive, negative, or neutral and that is the product of a high-energy collision; K meson.
laissez faire an economic policy or doctrine that opposes government interference in or regulation of business or commerce beyond what is necessary for a free-enterprise system to regulate itself. [1/2 definitions]
muff a short, thick, open-ended tube of cloth or fur, used esp. by women to cover and warm the hands outdoors. [1/6 definitions]
pep (informal) to feel re-energized (fol. by "up"). [1/3 definitions]
pitch1 a rocking or jerking sideways, end-to-end, or back-to-front motion. [1/23 definitions]