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character actress an actress who specializes in supporting roles, esp. in the portrayal of eccentric or distinctive characters.
comedienne an actress in comic works. [1/2 definitions]
entertainer one who entertains by performance, such as an actress or comedian. [1/2 definitions]
ingénue an actress playing or suited to playing such a role. [1/2 definitions]
principal a primary participant in an activity, such as the leading actor or actress in a play, or any of the chief parties in a dispute or a formal agreement. [1/4 definitions]
role the character played by an actor or actress. [1/3 definitions]
soubrette a pert, saucy, or flirtatious maidservant or lady's maid in a comic play or opera, or the actress or singer who plays such a role.
starlet a young and beautiful actress, esp. of films.
stunt woman in film production, a skilled female performer who substitutes for an actress in hazardous or acrobatic sequences.
Thespian (usu. l.c.) an actor or actress. [1/2 definitions]