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active in grammar, designating the voice or form of a verb whose subject acts through the verb, rather than being the object of the verb's action, such as "signed" in "Five petitioners signed the document". (Cf. passive.) [1/7 definitions]
actor one who acts or does. [1/2 definitions]
Acts see "Acts of the Apostles."
adventurism impetuous, irresponsible acts or policies, esp. by a government or someone in power, in defiant violation of commonly accepted norms of behavior.
agency an organization, franchise, or business that acts on behalf of others. [1/4 definitions]
agent provocateur (French) a secret agent who incites other people to commit acts that will subject them to punishment or prosecution, or who incites others to acts of rebellion or subversion; troublemaker.
alcalde in Spain and the U.S. Southwest, a mayor who also acts as a judge.
altruist a person who feels unselfish concern for the well-being of others and acts upon this concern in some way.
antechamber a small room that acts as a waiting room or entryway to a larger room; anteroom.
anteroom a small room that acts as an entry to a larger room; waiting room.
antidote anything that acts as a remedy or counteracts. [1/2 definitions]
aperient a medicine or food that acts as a gentle laxative. [1/2 definitions]
-ar2 one that acts as an agent or performs.
atomism in psychology, the theory that all social institutions arise from the acts and interests of individual people. [1/2 definitions]
-ator one that does (such) a thing or acts in (such) a way.
attention (usu. pl.) acts of politeness, respect, or affection. [1/4 definitions]
bar1 anything that acts as a restraint or hindrance. [1/13 definitions]
barnstorm to perform acts of stunt flying with a small plane, usu. at rural carnivals or fairs. [1/3 definitions]
bastion something that acts as a safeguard for a principle or idea. [1/3 definitions]
batboy a boy who retrieves baseball bats discarded by hitters and acts as a team's general assistant.
batgirl a girl who retrieves baseball bats discarded by hitters and acts as a team's general assistant.