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amour a love affair, esp. a secret one.
Callisto in Greek and Roman mythology, a nymph who was punished by Hera for a love affair with Zeus by being transformed into a bear. [1/2 definitions]
carry on to engage in a love affair. [1/4 definitions]
fling a brief love affair, usu. with little or no emotional significance. [1/8 definitions]
implicate to involve or prove involvement of (someone or something) in an affair, situation, event, or series of events.
intrigue to carry on an illicit or secret love affair. [2/7 definitions]
liaison an adulterous or otherwise unpermitted sexual affair. [1/3 definitions]
lover (pl.) a couple who are having a love affair. [1/4 definitions]
matter a topic of concern or interest; affair. [1/8 definitions]
paramour a lover, esp. one in an adulterous affair.
romance a love affair, or a depiction of one in a novel, story, or film. [1/7 definitions]