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air (pl.) pretense or affectation. [1/8 definitions]
la-di-da an expression of derision at affectation or pretentiousness. [1/3 definitions]
pretense affectation or pretentiousness. [1/4 definitions]
pretension affectation or exaggerated self-importance; pretentiousness. [1/3 definitions]
religionism excessive religious zeal, esp. that marked by pretension or affectation.
rhetoric the use of inflated or pretentious language, or such language itself; affectation in speech or writing. [1/3 definitions]
simplicity lack of deceit or affectation; sincerity. [1/3 definitions]
simply plainly or without affectation or attempt at deception. [1/4 definitions]
unaffected without pretense or affectation; simple; natural; genuine. [1/2 definitions]
unmannered without affectation; simple and straightforward. [1/2 definitions]