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aggressor a person, group, animal, or nation that starts aggression against another.
antiaggression combined form of aggression.
counteraggression combined form of aggression.
low-key low in aggression or intensity; mild.
Mexican stand-off a position of impasse with the possibility of hostile aggression.
nonaggression combined form of aggression.
nonagression pact a written agreement between two nations to abstain from aggression against each other, usu. for a specified period.
offensive an act of aggression; hostile action; assault. [1/6 definitions]
pacifist one who opposes war and refuses to practice or acknowledge violence as a way of settling disputes or resisting aggression. [1/3 definitions]
Type A of, pertaining to, or designating a personality or a person characterized by impatience, aggression, and tenseness, and thus considered to be relatively prone to heart disease. (Cf. Type B.)