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carousel a rotating, circular conveyor, such as an airline baggage conveyor or a revolving household rack for spices. [1/2 definitions]
coach an inexpensive class of airline or railway travel, lacking the amenities of first class. [1/8 definitions]
flight attendant an airline employee who tends to the needs of passengers during a flight; steward or stewardess.
hostess a woman employed by a restaurant, airline, or the like to greet or serve customers. [1/3 definitions]
real time the actual time required for a computer to complete a computation, the result being necessary to control a currently ongoing process, such as the simultaneous booking of airline tickets. [1/2 definitions]
skycap a baggage porter at an airline terminal.
standby the state of being in readiness, as an airline traveler who waits for a space made available by a cancellation. [1/3 definitions]