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antialien combined form of alien.
auslander (German) a foreigner or outsider; alien.
deportation the legal expulsion from a country of an undesirable person, esp. an illegal alien or criminal.
foreign unfamiliar or strange; alien. [1/4 definitions]
fraternize to have friendly or intimate relations with a member or members of a hostile or alien group, such as occupying enemy troops or civilians in an occupied country. [1/2 definitions]
green card a registration card that allows an alien to live and be employed in the United States.
outlander a person from a different area; foreigner; alien.
strange unknown or unfamiliar to one's experience or environment; alien. [1/3 definitions]
stranger a foreigner or alien. [1/4 definitions]
working papers any official documents certifying that a person, esp. an alien or a minor, can legally be employed.