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bent1 being out of alignment with the proper shape of something. [1/6 definitions]
occlude of the upper and lower teeth or jaws, to come together in the proper alignment for chewing. [1/5 definitions]
occlusion the correct alignment of teeth when the jaw is closed. [1/3 definitions]
orthodontics (used with a sing. verb) the branch of dentistry that deals with the correct alignment and position of teeth; orthodontia.
plumb a small weight tied to a line and used to establish the depth of water or to verify a vertical alignment. [2/10 definitions]
syzygy in astronomy, the alignment, either in conjunction or opposition, of three celestial bodies within the same gravitational system, esp. the sun, moon, and earth. [1/3 definitions]
throw off to cause changes that make (something or parts of something) incorrect, disordered, or out of alignment. [1/2 definitions]
throw out put (something) out of alignment, esp. to twist or strain (a part of one's body), causing dislocation and pain. [1/7 definitions]
toe-in the alignment of a vehicle's front wheels so that the front edges are slightly closer together than the rear edges and so provide better steering capability.
trammel a device used to gauge and adjust the alignment of machinery parts; tram. [1/6 definitions]
true proper balance, alignment, or formation. [1/13 definitions]