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alleyway a narrow alley or passage between buildings.
blind alley an alley or passageway with one end closed off; cul-de-sac. [1/2 definitions]
bowling a game in which a heavy ball is rolled along a wooden alley toward wooden pins that are standing at the far end. [1/2 definitions]
dead end a street, alley, or conduit that is closed at one end, offering no through passage. [1/2 definitions]
gutter the sunken trough on each side of a bowling alley. [1/10 definitions]
lane a raised wooden passageway, bounded by gutters, along which a bowling ball is pitched; alley. [1/7 definitions]
mews urban stables or carriage houses, esp. in England, that were built along an alley or grouped around a court, many of which have subsequently been converted into small houses or apartments.
pall-mall a popular seventeenth-century game in which a boxwood ball was struck with a mallet in order to drive it through an iron ring at the end of a playing alley. [2 definitions]
pinsetter a person or device that removes the pins struck down in a bowling alley and sets them up again.