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crier one who cries aloud or proclaims news or advertisements, such as a town crier or a hawker of merchandise. [1/2 definitions]
dictate to say or read aloud (something) in order that it may be recorded or written down by someone else. [2/6 definitions]
out loud loudly enough to be heard; not silently; aloud.
read1 to speak aloud (something written); recite. [2/16 definitions]
roll call the reading aloud of a list of names of those expected to be present, such as students in a classroom, soldiers in a unit, or members at a meeting. [1/2 definitions]
soliloquize to speak aloud what is in one's mind when, or as if when, no one is present or listening.
sound1 to say aloud; pronounce. [1/11 definitions]
talking book a recording of a book or magazine read aloud, esp. for use by the blind.
Tetragrammaton the four Hebrew letters, usu. transliterated as "YHWH" or "JHWH," representing the name of God, considered too holy to be spoken aloud.