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alphabetic pertaining to or arranged according to the standard order of an alphabet; alphabetical. [1/2 definitions]
card file the contents of such a container, or several such, usu. arranged in alphabetical or other order. [1/2 definitions]
concordance an alphabetical index of all the main words in a book or in the entire work of an author, listing the contexts in which each word occurs and giving page references for each occurrence. [1/2 definitions]
dictionary a reference work that contains a list of words of a particular language, usu. in alphabetical order and supplemented with information about the spelling, pronunciation, and meaning of each word. [1/3 definitions]
encyclopedia a book or set of books containing articles on a wide variety of subjects, or on many aspects of one subject, usu. arranged in alphabetical order.
index an alphabetical listing of subjects, names, specialized terms, and the like in a book, with page numbers given for each item indicating where these items are mentioned or discussed in the book. [1/10 definitions]
qwerty keyboard a keyboard with alphabetical and numerical keys in the same arrangement as those on a typewriter.