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amateur of or pertaining to an amateur or amateurs; not professional. [1/5 definitions]
amateurish not of professional or expert quality; characteristic of an amateur; lacking skill.
detective story a fictional account of how a crime, usu. a murder, is solved by an amateur or professional detective.
dramatics (used with a pl. verb) theatrical productions, esp. amateur ones. [1/3 definitions]
ham2 a licensed amateur operator of a radio transmitter. [1/3 definitions]
little theater a small theater, producing experimental and usu. amateur drama. [1/2 definitions]
Olympic Games an international amateur athletic competition patterned after the ancient Greek games, held every four years in different countries, with separate dates and locations for winter and warm-weather sports.
pothunter (informal) an amateur or untrained archaeologist. [1/3 definitions]
professionalism the attitude, methods, or standards of a professional, esp. as opposed to those of an amateur.
shutterbug (informal) an avid amateur photographer.
turn pro to become a professional at some activity, usu. a sport, that one formerly engaged in as an amateur or for pleasure.
U.S. Open a major annual tennis tournament held in the U.S. in late summer, open to all contestants, amateur and professional.