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Ferris wheel (sometimes l.c.) a ride, as at a carnival or amusement park, consisting of a very large upright power-driven wheel with partially enclosed seats that are suspended between two parallel rims.
flume an artificial channel or chute through which water flows, sometimes used for the transportation of logs or, in an amusement park, for boat rides. [1/3 definitions]
penny arcade a hall or building, esp. in an amusement park, in which various mechanical games, peep shows, and other entertainment devices may be operated for a small sum.
ride a large mechanical device or a set of smaller mechanical devices specially designed for people to ride for amusement or excitement. Rides are typically found at fairs and amusement parks. [1/16 definitions]
roller coaster an amusement park ride in which a small, gravity-propelled train of open cars rides rapidly up and down a curving, winding, track built on trestles.
theme park an amusement park in which the structures and settings share a common theme.