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Abraham according to the Old Testament, the first of the postdiluvian patriarchs, father of Isaac, and ancestor of the Hebrews.
ancestral pertaining to, inherited from, or descended from an ancestor or ancestors.
ancestress a female ancestor.
aurochs an extinct wild ox once common in northern Africa, Europe, and western Asia, and probably an ancestor of domestic cattle. [1/2 definitions]
bar sinister in heraldry, a bar on a shield that runs diagonally from lower left to upper right, signifying an illegitimate ancestor; bend sinister. [1/3 definitions]
clan among the Scottish Highlanders, a traditional basis of social organization, composed of a group of families claiming a common hereditary ancestor. [1/3 definitions]
clone an organism or group of organisms produced asexually from a single ancestor and genetically replicating it. [2/5 definitions]
cognate descended from a common ancestor. [1/4 definitions]
collateral related by descent from a common ancestor, but not in the same line of descent. [1/5 definitions]
cousin a relative having a common ancestor but in a different line of descent. [1/3 definitions]
damask rose a fragrant pink Asian rose that is an ancestor of hybrid roses and whose oil is often used as a source for attar.
descendant one regarded as the biological offspring of a given ancestor or ancestors. [1/3 definitions]
family all those persons descended from a common ancestor. [1/8 definitions]
father a male ancestor; forefather. [1/10 definitions]
forebear an ancestor or forefather.
forefather an ancestor. [1/2 definitions]
forerunner one that came before; ancestor; predecessor; precursor. [1/2 definitions]
gens in ancient Rome, a patrilineal clan having a common name and worshiping a common ancestor. [1/2 definitions]
grandfather a person from whom one is descended; forefather; ancestor. [1/3 definitions]
grandmother a woman from whom one is descended; female ancestor. [1/2 definitions]
heir apparent one whose right to inherit property or a title cannot be legally denied if the ancestor dies without having made a will. (See heir presumptive.)