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Afrikaner a native South African of European descent, esp. one of Dutch ancestry.
American a native of North, Central, or South America, esp. of Indian ancestry; in the United States, a Native American. [1/5 definitions]
Anglo-Saxon a person whose nationality, ancestry, or native language is English. [1/5 definitions]
birth ancestry or heritage. [1/4 definitions]
bloodline ancestry, esp. of animals; pedigree.
Boer a South African of Dutch ancestry. [2 definitions]
Creole a person of mixed European and African ancestry. [1/6 definitions]
Eurasian of both European and Asian ancestry. [2/3 definitions]
genealogy the techniques and methods of determining ancestry. [1/2 definitions]
half-blood among animals, the offspring of one pedigreed parent and one of mixed or unknown ancestry. [1/3 definitions]
lascar a sailor of Indian or East Indian ancestry, esp. one employed on European ships.
Latinx (sometimes considered offensive) being or pertaining to a person or persons of Latin American ancestry (used in order to avoid gender specificity).
lineage1 descent from or the descendants of a common or particular ancestor or ancestry. [1/2 definitions]
matriarchy a social system in which the mother is considered head of the family or other group, and ancestry and descent are reckoned on the mother's side. (Cf. patriarchy.)
mestiza in Latin America or the Philippines, a woman of mixed European and native ancestry.
mestizo in Latin America or the Philippines, a man of mixed European and native ancestry.
mulatto a person of mixed white and black ancestry, esp. one who has a light brown skin. [1/2 definitions]
Norman French the people of mixed Scandinavian and French ancestry who invaded England in 1066, or their language as used in Normandy and England. [1/2 definitions]
octoroon a person whose ancestry is one eighth black.
origin ancestry or parentage. [1/3 definitions]
people family members; ancestry; kin. [1/7 definitions]