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Achaean of or pertaining to the culture of the inhabitants of this region during the time of the ancient Greeks. [1/3 definitions]
acropolis a fortified hill of an ancient Greek city. [2 definitions]
Aeolis an ancient Greek colony on the northwest coast of Asia Minor.
age-old as old as the ages; ancient.
agora1 a public square used as a marketplace and place of assembly in ancient Greece. [1/2 definitions]
alchemy an ancient exploration and practice of chemistry which flourished particularly during medieval times. Practitioners used chemical processes in the hope of, for example, producing gold from base metals, finding the key to eternal life, and uncovering a single cure for all disease. [1/2 definitions]
Ammon the Greek and Roman name for Amen or Amen-Re, the ancient Egyptian god of life, often identified with Zeus and Jupiter.
amphiprostyle having a row of columns at each end but none along the sides, as an ancient Greek temple.
amphora a tall oval ceramic vessel with a narrow neck and two handles, used in ancient Greece and Rome for storage or decoration.
ampulla a round bottle with two handles, used by the ancient Romans for wine, oil, or perfume. [1/2 definitions]
ancient (often pl.) one who lived in ancient times, esp. a writer of the classic civilizations. [1/4 definitions]
anciently in times of long ago; of ancient times.
Antigone in an ancient Greek tragedy by Sophocles, the heroine and title character, who buries her brother in defiance of a state edict and is executed.
antiquarian a student of or dealer in relics and ancient works of art; antiquary. [1/3 definitions]
antique ancient. [1/5 definitions]
antiquity ancient times, esp. prior to the Middle Ages. [2/4 definitions]
antistrophe in ancient Greek poetry or theater, the return movement made by the chorus in response to the previous strophe. (Cf. strophe.) [1/2 definitions]
Aramaic the Semitic language of ancient Syria, Palestine, and Southwest Asia. [2/3 definitions]
Arcadia an isolated mountainous region in southern Greece, associated in ancient times with rustic simplicity and innocence.
archaeo- ancient.
archaic of or pertaining to ancient times. [1/3 definitions]