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AA abbreviation of "Alcoholics Anonymous," a world-wide recovery program for alcoholics, administered through chapters.
anon. abbreviation of "anonymous" or "anonymously."
anonymity the condition or quality of being anonymous.
Beowulf the title character and hero of an anonymous, alliterative Old English epic poem.
Brunhild in the anonymous German medieval epic The Nibelungenlied, the queen of Iceland.
Everyman the title character of an anonymous medieval morality play, who unsuccessfully attempts to stave off death. [1/2 definitions]
folk tale a story of anonymous authorship, passed on orally by the common people of a region or country, and often incorporating the myths and legends of that people, or including a moral.
innominate without a known or acknowledged name; anonymous. [1/2 definitions]
nameless having a concealed identity; anonymous. [1/4 definitions]